Amas & Oras

[5/14 rough]

Recap: boat, sheila develops, planar travel disc.

Hayden and St talk about plans after this is over, if we survive. They settle on pirate kings, and then ponder how they wound up in this position. Z and Sheila wanders up from below deck, from making bombs and drinking in the galley *resp). There is small talk about boats; Hayden has been picking up some of the terminology. Sheila is surprised he is planning for after the fight, as he expressed doubt that we’d succeed; he points out that he isn’t sure we’ll succeed, but that he has a vensted interest in his own survival. Asked what she will do after, Sheila says something vague about people needing leadership. St and H suggest starting her opwn church. She could even be the new goddess, since she’ll be saving the world. Hayden [pomts out that [easants are easil;y duped; Strelok: didn’t you used to be a peasant? H: ….do I look like a peasant? They move on to the benefits of tithing, which Sh says she isn’t interested in. Sheila says she will continue to do what is right, and will continue on that path for the rest of her life. H asks what determines “right” after all this. She points out that there will always be people who need help. Hayden still is mystified by the idea of helping people selflessly. Nor does he understand he not wanting money.

Z wants to continue studying; places yet to explore, creatures yet to discover… H: things that haven’t tried to eat us yet? Haven’t tried to blow us up yet? Z points out the latter has not happened, with the exception of the thing Hayden poked with a sword. There is a disagreement on whether it was gentle nudging or stabbing.

Hayden questions having enough manpower and materials; Zephyr goes over the plan again, and Sheila reassures that Hayden may be surprised by what people can do. But then she starts talking about the light or something. While he has valid concerns, Zephyr feels many of the points have been explained before; Strelok points out to her that they have been drinking an awful lot, but she decides to go back below deck and leave people more attention worthy to explain. Sheila adds that she knows that there were a few hundred paladins who decided to stay in Oras rather than go back to Amas.

Polena meanwhile is practicing her sorcery. There are some minor explosions. Her eyebrows get considerably singed. Sheila inquires about her progress. Polena says she mostly has control, but sometimes the explosions are a bit bigger than she expected them to be. She had found a book on board that has been helpful. Sheila tells her to stay comfortable with it, and Polena says it comes naturally to her; she will try to keep it in check. Sheila reiterates that this is important. Polena cites Strelok and Zephyr’s assistance and says it will be fine.

Later, Z approaches Sheila and asks her to be the figurehead of this expedition, as she feels Sheila is already being seen in that role; more importantly, she doesn’t believe people will listen to her. Sheila agrees, and they discuss details about communications between builders, healers, fighters, and alchemists. Zephyr and the alchemists she brought will be doing the teaching of weapon launcher building, bomb creation, and crystal cultivation, but Zephyr plans to mainly fight on the wall once she has things generally set up. She explains she’d like to have all healers ready, and have the wands and scrolls she bought in Amas on hand to use. The warriors should be able to use the bombs as long-range weapons from the wall.

Later when the group convenes, more detail is arranged: Strelok will find a metalworks and people with guns or the knowledge to make them; he himself can make basic hand cannons. Hayden will aid in coordinating people, as he is chasmatic ; he comments that he is a glorified clerk, but Zephyr again says he is more a war general. Hayden is also interested in helping use hand cannons made by Strelok. Sheila will be the general leader, but will especially direct the paladins and healers.
Zephyr knows that Olavand has been completely devestated, and can assume Ardova likely is as well. The last remaining country with respectable technology/resources would likely be Erag, but they are rather focused on the furtherment of their own people. The wall should be between ardova and molavan, which are near erag.

Hayden asks if there is a military that isn’t wearing clanking armor, for stealth purposes. Sheila says there isn’t a set uniform; some will have armor, some will wear leather, etc. Hayden clarifies that he wants to know what they look like, but Zephyr inquring as to why does not bring forth an answer. Sheila says the flaming sword and a burning sun are common to most warriors. Cut and color scheme? Based more on rank; a simple, low ranking — Hayden interrupts and asks specifically about officers… he wants “to look the part”. Zephyr doesn’t quite understand this, but gives up trying quite quickly.
Strelok asks about Polena; she is currently on deck, and has been rather moody. Z says that since she learned about the weapons with Hornswaggle, she can act with the Alchemists in teaching, cultivating, developing. Strelok and Sheila are concerned about Polena (a well-timed explosion rocks the boat a bit). Strelok goes up to talk with her.

It is night, but the moon and nebula are bright enough to see by. St asks her what she is practicing. Polena says she found a book about magic, and the sailor said she could borrow it; it belongs to his daughter who goes to school in Vuresca. St offers help and his own spell book if they’d be helpful. Polena asks for his opinion on a spell she hasn’t quite mastered. She steps back a ball of light, akain to a sun, forms between her hands; she releases it and it shoots forth across the sea. Kamehameha! She says she hasn’t been able “to do it less than that…”; the ball is seen far out on the horizon. She is concerned that if she uses it as is, she will hurt someone. Showing Strelok the book, he recognizes the spell as a cold blast… but Polena’s casting did not resemble a cold blast… except that he suddenly notices a trail of ice in the wake of the energy. He tries to replicate what she did. He easily forms a small ball of the cold energy. he concentrates on making it larger; he is able to make it brighter and larger, but only to the size of a grapefruit, as opposed to Polena’s beach ball. His peters out about 200 yards away. “…That’s the smallest you can make it?” Polena gestures with her hands to show a slightly smaller one she made… He says he wasn’t holding back, and feels he couldn’t make one a third the size of hers. She repeats that she fears she’ll hurt someone. She says that when she used the water spell against the Charybdi, it was simply supposed to move the boat… but its effect was far greater. She asks Strelok to help her tone it down. He says he’ll try, but most people try to do the opposite. He has a few ideas. Polena says she feels different these days… like something inside her is different. Because using magic, or because sad losing the church family… she isn’t sure. Strelok says people can come into their power in different ways, so that may be it. She says she hopes she can be helpful, since the beasties don’t respond much to magic. St says there is more that can be done than balls of fire or ice; she asks him to teach her some of those things. Strelok agrees, suggesting, among other things, entaglement spells and divine magic. Polena decides to practice a bit more, and Strelok tells her to come find him if she needs anything.

The trip is nearly one-third complete.

St goes to talk with Z, says they may have a bigger problem. Z asks bigger than what. St says P’s power growing faster than anyone he’s ever seen; he is concerned, but trying not to let her know. Z says she can be helped at the schools after all this, but for now… damage spells won’t help much now anyway. St suggests metamagic, and asks for Z’s aid. Sheila overhears, and says we should direct her toward non-attack spells, as it would not be good to fall back on those against creatures that may actually become stronger from such attacks. Z agrees, but says Polena knows her shit. Soon they all go to bed.

The next day, Zephyr went to have her own chat. She asks Polena how she is doing. Although not used to being supportive on an emotional level, she tries her best, and her awkwardness doesn’t get in the way overly much. Polena talks about it being hard not being part of the church; also, working on magic that has in the past always been something “bad”. She also regrets not having proper teaching in the area. She feels lonely. Z tries a half hug, and Polena breaks down. Zephyr pats her continuously, trying different shoulders, the top of the head, both shoulders… but she is attentive to Polena’s sobbing the entire time, and doesn’t even mind the emotional clinging all that much. After a few minutes, Polena settles down, and apologizes. Z tells her not to; she reminds her she has friens, offers to help, offers to get her into a magic school, etc. Polena is grateful. Z says she can come talk to her anytime, and they can… just… uh… she’d not sure what people do… Polena says she knows a fun peg game; Z says that as soon as this is all over, P should teach her. P gladly agrees.

Four days pass; it is now day 10. One sailor has been lost in a storm. Polena has made a bit of progress in reining in her power; concentrating a little less hard, and being more thoughtful of time she allows it to charge, she replicates Strelok’s smaller cold blast. Hayden walks up to Polena and makes the motions as if doing the spell himself: it poofs out. “Eh, I got nothing.” Polena said she almost thought he’d do it. Like, maybe he was a secret wizard…

Hayden uses presti. to change outfits. Cleric officer….? Pirate king…? Cleric officer? Pirate king…. Zephyr wonders a bit at this bizarre behavior, but decides to ignore it.

4 more days pass; day 15. We’re down to jerky, fruit, water. People are getting restless and irritable. Strelok contemplates fishing, snd finds some fishing gear.



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