Amas & Oras

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We discuss more what our plans will be. Z hopes to recruit some working under Horns so that she is not the only one who knows what to do, especially since at this point the people working on them have a more updated idea of how to use it. Hayden isn’t sure how he can help; it is suggested that he can help get things we’ll need, including a ship. Polena reminds Strelok of the people who had been trying to find their own route between continents. They are south {Cassianka? sp?}. Further, they owe the party a favor. It will also be easier than going through Ferrin.

PS, part of Strong’s plan to quarantine Oras includes a blockade to stop ships.

General call would bring people who aren’t necc useful, despite good intentions. Zephyr agrees with St’d idea of paladins and clerics; Sheila’s divine spell stopped the infection of a blight worm at its earliest stage. Zephyr also will use a sending spell to contact her school in Vuresca to try to recruit the strongest alchemists. Hayden and Strelok mention something about casing the “Stronghold”.

Hayden cases. Details are acquired. He and Strelok scheme how to steal things. After forming a rough plan, Strelok goes to talk to Polena. He asks how she’s doing. She says she’s expected this would eventually happen. He says we have the option to get back at them a bit, if she is interested. Polena doesn’t understand, and Strelok outlines all the wrongs they’ve done to her. She defends them somewhat, but not a lot. He asks for her opinion. She doesn’t know if she wants to help, but doesn’t mind if they do it. Strelok says they’d use it to help out Oras.

He then goes to Zephyr, who is a bit skeptical. Will be used for “mission”? Yes, Strelok reassures her. Zephyr says as long as they don’t get caught… Strelok says that may be a problem, as they may well notice, and would obviously suspect us. Zephyr points out that she’s already planning on stealing the weaponized crystals (even if she has Hornswaggle’s blessing, many people involved in cultivating and weaponizing crystals, some would notice…) and hoping to take some of his alchemists to aid us; even without that, she needs to linger with Hornswaggle for at least a few days, plenty of time for Strong to come after us. Strelok says they have other means of getting funds. Zephyr says she will leave it to his judgement. HIS… not Hayden, who she had to bribe to take a sobering potion so that they could discuss the fate of the world.

[Side: The bird that followed Hayden from the Forest is being more noticeable recently, interacting more. He takes crumbs from Hayden, splashes water when Hayden drinks from the well… and has even brought two gold pieces to Hayden (and some copper). Hayden raises an eyebrow and decides the bird has paid his rent. He shares his jerky with the bird. Hayden tells the bird that it is suddenly a lot less annoying. “Keep this up, and it might go somewhere.”]

Hayden asks Sheila if servants of Iomadae take certain vows. For example, is a vow of poverty part of the deal? Sheila gives away most of her earnings. Sheila says no, just a teaching that you should not take much for yourself. He continues to ask questions, wanting to leave something for Strong that may get Strong in trouble. He plans to take a medal prominent in Strong’s medal and leave something in its place. Hayden grabs parchment and quill and runs off on his own. That night, Hayden attempts to get into the building. He lurks until he sees people go in for nightly cleaning, then uses his hat of disguise along with stealth and bluff. He leaves a letter in Strong’s office, on the floor as if it had accidentally fallen and was unnoticed; people cleaning, however, will undoubtedly see it.

Meanwhile: Sheila cannot think of any paladins in particular to ask along. She plans to speak to people on the road to recruit them, either to fight for change here or go to Oras to help.

Early Morning Ceremony: Is cold. The ritual is observed by two council people, and Strong leads. Sheila is asked many questions, relating mainly to her path and its relation to Iomadae. They take her armor and give her another set: it is more muted, a dark blue-gray. The insignia is a bit different – it is simpler, and features a sword. As the ritual concludes, they wish her well. Strong looks sad. Sheila nods and takes her leave.

The party assembles and heads out. Sheila seems more terse than usual. Hayden looks up at the Stronghold and sees Strong watching them. Hayden uses his hat of disguise to take the appearance of an alter boy and winks back at Strong. Strong looks alarmed and confused.

We head towards Hornswaggle and Danuul. Zephyr uses a sending spell to contact her college. Hornswaggle’s colleagues are academic types; they offer aid in research, and similar, but they are not the sort who would come along. Zephyr asks for any adventuring types among recent graduates (or not necc recent) who she might be able to enlist. There is a montage. Polena and Zephyr go to Hornswaggle, Strelok and Hayden to Danuul. Zephyr asks Sheila to find any who might have divine magic and would come to help with healing. She suggests the church of Iomadae in Danuul; Sheila does not wish to deal with them, however; they may not look well upon her and her new path, and this path is brand new to her. Strelok says, well, she could introduce herself to some vice! Hayden adds that she might take the chance to loosen the ponytail a bit. No? Well, Strelok asks about affiliates; soldiers such as she met during her stint on the wall, for instance; healing clinics that are not religiously affiliated; etc.

NOTE: Physical confrontation DOES work against these things; just difficult. So trained soldiers WOULD be a benefit. Zephyr points out that if we are planning to send soldiers onto the battlefield, really need to get clerics, people who know divine healing. Some soldiers would know those spells. Further, the soldiers who worked with the church will know people. Zephyr gives her share of the money from Strong to Hayden and request that they buy as many divine spell wands, scrolls, etc. as they can find. Additional 10k for bag of holding… but is told they will be fine for money. Instead use for things needed for crystal cultivation. In that case, Zephyr says, just get as many bags of holding as you can.

As Zephyr expected, Hornswaggle not happy about fact that all his work will be held in reserve. Agrees they should go to Oras. Gives Zephyr half a dozen prototypes. Two alchemists who work under him are willing to come. They know all about the crystals. Zephyr learns from Hornswaggle; in spare time, Polena bombards her with questions, wanting to learn. Best intentions, but stretches Zephyr’s time thin. Zephyr at times puts her with one of Hornswaggle’s underlings to learn, so that Zephyr herself can best maximize her own learning. College responds, sending a list of names of people interested in helping out. Setting up a research committee. Half a dozen willing to come with us. Zephyr requests they be sent to Hornswaggles lab immediately. They should be there within 5 days.

Strelok works on getting bounties in Danuul; Hayden has scrolls of “sculpt corpse” to make it appear that certain people have been caught, and collect rewards. Danuul still up and running, but much tension and suspicion, fewer nomadic tradesmen coming through. More quiet at night, more security at the city gates. Hayden works on stealing from merchant vaults, wealthy townspeople, and other places with decent amounts of coin.

Hayden’s loot:
1,665 gold
800 gold
600 gold, ~800gold worth of jewelry

During day: shopping! And when that is not happening, Hayden tries to figure out the bird. It has taken to alighting on his shoulder. It chirps and warbles at him occasionally. It seems to pay attention to Hayden when he speaks, and may make response sounds. Hayden is able to get general feelings from the bird…. which can be irritating, because often when Hayden yells at it, it becomes gleeful. Hayden has discovered it is very fond of leftover toast crusts, and is happy for meat scraps. Berries and other fruits also are good, but are often a bit large; an apple slice proves troublesome. Hayden recommends an opposable thumb. The bird pecks him a bit, then nibbles his thumbnail. When Hayden is stealthing, it can be shooed away, but often will take it on itself to roost nearby and watch. Once during a heist, it coos softly to alert Hayden to a guard nearby.


3/19 – I was pretty much dead after finals and cake D:
So during montages, Sheila talked with army buddies about helping.

Hayden decides to stop by his old home.

Hornswaggle has no interest in coming along.

Hayden and Strelok are in Danuul. VERY crowded; a tent city has been erected.



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