Amas & Oras

Big trouble in little giant desert china.

A Zephyr-Strelok Collaboration

The church’s doors are large and beautifully carved with sun-rays. They do not open when they are pushed upon. The garden is sad, and dry. Sheila shoulder checks the door when Hayden is unable to open it. She slams her shoulder into it once, it barely shudders, she hits it again, it creaks. Eric walks away to find a window. Zephyr uses her magic to levitate the wooden beam barring the door. On her third attempt Sheila crashes through the (now) unbarred doors and falls promptly upon her face. Hayden does his “best” not to laugh. Strelok waits outside with the birds, and does not attempt to hide his amusement at Sheila’s tumble.

Pews are stacked against a wall. The walls have been bleached in places from light, it is beautiful in a macabre sort of way. There is the sound of glass breaking and mild swearing.

“The doors are open you know” Sheila calls, now inside
“Are you fucking kidding me?” Aeric replies from outside

Hayden sets off looking for loot. He finds nothing at first on the first floor. He then sees an outline of something on the floor; it appears to be a rug, he attempts to blow the dust off and is rewarded with a cloud and hefty coating of dust, he rolls it aside and it reveals a trap door, opening into blackness below.

Sheila picks herself up, and her paladin senses tingle. She sees several beautiful marble carvings of various scenes of Pelor. She looks on in awe and is surprised that she has never heard of this place. After coming back to her senses she follows Hayden to the store room with the trap door. Zephyr also follows Hayden, noting the impressive artwork with a passive scientist’s glance.

Sheila and Zephyr find Hayden looking down into the blackness beneath the trap door. Zephyr creates a light. It illuminates a dirt floor about 8 to 10 feet below. Hayden looks for a secure place to tie a rope in order to descend below. Unable to find one, Sheila offers to lower him down. Zephyr and Hayden successfully climb down.

Below is a large room with 3 doors, 2 to the north, one to the east. The trap door is in the southern west most corner. Cabinetry, barrels, work benches and other such things line the walls of the room. The room is about 80×60, rectangular and does not follow the floor plan of the church. There are tools in one corner. Hayden finds a crowbar and discovers a very old rancid barrel of butter, disgusted he opens another, finding pickled apples and peppers, the apples are delightful. He starts to open the cabinets, finding flasks of oils, and other various tools, lamp oil, cleaning oil rags for weaponry. These seem to be have been used by the paladins for repairing and maintaining their armor and weapons. Hayden also finds the remains of a forge.

Calling up the vent for the forge “Hello?” Hayden hears a reply Aeric and Polena answer from above, it seems to lead to an office in the floor above. Hayden picks the Eastern door and finds coal, wood, and other such items, it appears to be a fire-room? There is also gunpowder which is odd…

Aeric and Polena find Sheila, and report they have found nothing on the first floor. Aeric informed Sheila that he wishes to explore the upper floors, and Polena follows, not wishing to enter the darkness below.

Hayden attempts to unlock another one of the other doors. He notices a magic trap with an earthquake effect placed upon the lock. It is stressful, but he is able to disengage the lock without setting off the trap. It opens into a long, straight corridor with no end in sight. The walls are dirt, crude, and supported with wooden beams. The floor is crudely finished with stones. Zephyr and Hayden travel about 50 yards before coming to stairs that lead downwards.

Seeing the light dissapear Sheila calls down “Find anything interesting?”
Hayden “A really long corridor, dor, dor, dor” There is no actual echo.

Sheila looks for a ladder or other means to lower herself down. Instead realizes she can use the pews to get down into the room. She drags one over to the trap door and pushes it in. It is just long enough to allow her to lower herself down. She secures it with rope just in case, and climbs down.

Strelok enters with the birds and begins setting up camp, and checking the defensive capabilities of the churches main room.

Below, Sheila, Hayden, and Zephyr follow the stairs downwards into the darkness. They end in another door, it is crude but solid. Sheila opens the door and is assaulted by the smell of earth and decay. It opens upon another hallway that extends 15 feet before splitting into a T going to the left and right. Hayden suspects this may be a tomb. They go left. Zephyr lights a torch and hands it to Hayden. The follow the hallway into and come upon a collapsed room. following the hallway they find another room filled with alcoves in which lay corpses, and treasure. Exiting this room and following the hallway they come upon another locked door. Hayden fixes this minor problem. It is contains 3 piles of corpse balls. One of the walls has collapsed and is filled with blackness. It seems that this may have been the last stand of some poor souls. The bodies of cattle are mixed in amoungst the human corpses, and various other food stores indicate that the bodies now balled up in bug vomit may have been trying to hold out here, waiting in vain for help that would come far, far to late to save them. After traveling for at least 3 hours thus far the party considers returning after coming to another fork. They take another left and come upon an even larger room filled with a MASSIVE corpse ball/pile.

Above Strelok, Aeric, and Polena put finishing the touches on placing defensive measures on the main church hall.

Below Hayden breaks into the skill on the ball, seeking potentially shiny things. The hard, sticky, tacky shell opens up into an old pudding like substance. Sheila attempts to purify the bodies with fire, severing the heads. The goo sloughs away and melts.

Upstairs the birds are becoming restless…

Below Hayden (who is bored) is playing/looting the corpses, making light with the situation, and generally pissing off Sheila who is attempting to give peace to the dead. During this process he finds more treasures. A falcion with a strange pommel ornament simillar to the symbol of the item buried in Hayden’s hand/ the bodies found in the forest. Hayden’s hand tingles… Hayden feels uncomfortable with the sword and asks someone else to pick up the sword. Zypher examines the sword and it is indeed magical, strong enchantment that is similar to the item in Hayden’s hand. While she does not recognize the origins, she is pretty sure this is going to be another bonded item. There is a much stronger concentration of magic in the pommel than the blade. Hayden uses mage hand to extract the sword and places it in his bag. After SEVERAL hours of exploring, Hayden, Sheila, and Zypher decide to head back to camp.

After returning to camp, Hayden Mage Hand tosses the sword at Strelok. “Here, catch!” Strelok lets it drop at his feet. “How stupid do you think I am?” Strelok asks.
Hayden demonstrated that the sword was similar to the item in his hand.
Intrigued, Strelock voluntarily picks up the sword. It is sentient, he speaks with it, much to the disturbance of the party. After a brief conversation he discovers the item in Hayden’s hand is indeed very similar to the sword, one seems to be for defense, and one for offense. Strelok uses the sword to extract the item from Hayden and bond it to himself.


Sword speaks in Strelok’s mind in a whispy feminine voice. The soft murmuring conveys a connection to the wrist piece’s creators, a fact suspected due the similar emblems they carry.


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