Amas & Oras

Camping in the Swarsh

We camp for the night. Strelok takes first watch, then Zephyr, then Sheila. During Zephyr’s watch, she notices a lightning storm in the distance. The next morning the storm is still going. We set off Northward, about the direction the storm came from. Later on, several of us realizes there are pockets up ahead where the storm is more intense. Strelok feels like he’s being watched, but says nothing for the moment. Our path takes us into one of the pockets. We are attacked by a Shambler. As we are fighting it, another rises up out of the swarsh behind Hayden. We take out the original Shambler, and a third appears. We hightail it out of there. Strelok is able to figure out where they are likely to pop up, and we avoid additional Shamblers. We make it out of the storm shortly before nightfall. During his watch, Strelok finds the remnants of a campsite, probably from the night before. He finds the hilt of a broken dagger with an Olvandian mark on it. The next day we reach the border. We are each searched before we are let in. As we head North, we see ruins of homes and farms. 1 in 10 is inhabited. We travel the Main Road. From time to time we travel with others headed in the same direction. We reach Drasuc, a dim and grungy city that Hayden and Sheila had been to before. Described as “could almost be perfect”, but everything having a thin layer of “despair”; everything in slight disrepair. Everyone is “almost happy”. Has the best market in Oras.



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