Amas & Oras

Onto the Next Adventure

We question Solas. Then we take him and the two surviving guards, plus the survivor from two sessions ago, back to Ardova. We collect the reward and arrange for Orion to be released. Zephyr heads to the library while Sheila heads back to her “mojo hut” to “see her peeps”. The Mother (Sutta) tells Sheila that they have lost contact with a member of the order who was near the Rift; she had also heard from her sister stories of horror. A brother in the order (Javid) apparently returned from the area a changed man (“different”). Sheila tracks down Zephyr and Strelok, who then track Hayden to the bar, where they are fawned over. 56 hr later, we set out. Later, we encounter a crocodile in the swamp. Hayden does a ridiculously flashy move and kills it, we take some parts, and move off to find a camp site.

Research about Rift area:
Faramil’s maw, one of most magically charged areas on the coast, harbor on the rift. Lots of anomalies. Where the separation was when magic returned to the world.



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