Amas & Oras

Tracking Solas

Tell Kayla that we are taking her back, and no, she can’t come with us to chase down Solas. Return her to grandfather. He asks the party to go after Solas to retrieve letter, offers monetary reward. Kayla advises us on the path through the swamp. After a few hours of sleep, we set off in pursuit of carriage. Strelok and Hayden split off to follow two humanoid riders. One is killed; the other is questioned, deemed not a threat, and let go.

Chasing the Rider

Chasing the rider (& Kayla), who does not appear to be heading towards the city. Zephyr gets stopped at the river. Rider heads toward the swamplands. Strelok uses Haste to get in range. Woman was a Cheitan. The letter was not found.

(Strelok and Zephyr joined the party during the previous session… I think.)


Three individuals boarded and ship setting sail for a new land. Along the way their ship was beset by pirates and the individuals joined together to protect themselves, the ship, and the crew. After repelling the pirates the newly met comrades in arms were asked by the ships captain to escort his teenage daughter home once they arrived at their destination, the continent Oras.

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