Tag List!

So, as I mentioned before, if there are several tags on an entry, they might not all show up unless you go to the entry editing page. Further, we might want to look something specific up, but not know what tags are available to search for. For example, “Polena” is not a tag, but “Polena’s magic” is; if you type “Polena” in, everything with the latter tag will appear, but if you are looking for all entries with Polena, they will not all show up. (Tip: she’s in every log from January 16th 2013 on, plus October 3rd 2012).
Therefore, I have begun this list of tags to aid in searching. If you add tags, make a note here, please :)

Tags the ARE visible in log entries are links to other entries with the same tag; it will also show a list of all tags.

I tried to get everything tagged correctly, but I may well have missed tags in some spots. There have been several times when I’ve gone back through to add tags I’d previously forgotten. This is still a work in progress.


  • Aeric (should be all entries with this character, regardless of the name he uses)
  • Marcus (specifically when Marcus alias is being used, or when when it is mentioned later, as we try to figure out what’s up with whatever-his-name-is)
  • Alexander
  • Javid
  • Strong
  • Hornswaggle
  • Van


  • Danuul
  • Wall/Forest (mentions of as we are heading there, time spent in Wall, Forest, and in-between areas [woodland and wastes])
  • Rift
  • Veil
  • Drasuc
  • Timber
  • Waste Village
  • Waste City


  • Disk (both the one found in the veil, and the thorn armor related one)
  • Bonded Items (the thorn-armor disk and the sentient sword, so far)
  • Sentient Sword

CREATURES (includes encounters plus research and info)

  • Plague Worms
  • Flying Creatures (Refers to the ones in the desert and Forest, the Ythrak)
  • Veil Beetles
  • Destrachan
  • Night Callers
  • Centipedes


  • Forest Ecology
  • Corpse Balls
  • Symbols
  • Translations
  • Timeline (where I make a point to keep track of how many days have passed while on a certain mission)
  • Bomb Lessons (specifically, the ones being made to use against the plague worms, with the crystals Hornswaggle obtained from the veil)


  • Polena’s Magic
  • Strange Behaviors (mainly Aeric’s personality shifts)
  • Refugees
  • Creators (mentions of them, plus Zephyr and Polena’s captivity, which may or may not be related… we didn’t find out definitively)


  • Drunk Note Taking
  • Breaking and Entering
  • Hayden stop poking things
  • Mystery Bird Groupie
  • Stranger Danger
  • Mother Fucking Montages

Tag List!

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